Cow Rescue Near Irattai Vaaikkaal Case 970


Area : Irattai Vaaikkaal
Period : 24-Sep-18


This cow was affected by Rabies. Mr Lenin informed Fire Service Department. They informed us. We spoke to fire service officer Mr Dhanapal. We took one fire service person with us to the spot and tied the cow. Because the rope was old and week it broke. We then went to the place at night with a team of fire service men. With the help of new rope we tied the cow. We informed Regional Joint Director of Animal Husbandary. He arranged a team of doctors. They came the next day morning by 7 AM itself and took blood samples and did other tests and confirmed the cow was affected by Rabies. By 9:45 AM the cow died. We spoke to Corporation Assistant Commisioner Mr Prabhakaran and asked his help to bury the cow. He sent a supervisor with us and arranged JCB. With the help of the JCB the cow was buried. .

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