Bull Rescue Near Thiruverambur Case 950


Area : Thiruverambur
Period : 07-Sep-18


This bull met road accident near ITI Thiruverambur. Mr Charles informed us about this. We went to the spot with our animal ambulance. With the help of Mr Charles and Mr Karthick and 8 ITI students we loaded the bull in our ambulance. Mr Karthik took the ITI students in his car and accompanied us to Palakkarai Vet Clinic. At the clinic the students helped to unload the bull. Then Mr Karthik took the students and dropped them at the ITI. We admitted the bull in Palakkarai vet clinic. Necessary treatments were given to the bull. We informed local police station. After three days the owners came to the hospital and after observing the bull they abandoned it. We continued treatments to the bull. The bull died after two weeks. With the help of Corporation JCB we buried the bull in Corporation Compost yard. .

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