Peacock Rescue Near Mathur Case 948


Area : Mathur
Period : 04-Sep-18


This peacock ( peahen ) was lying in ill condition in a company premises located in Mathur. The employees of the company brought the peacock to Palakkarai Vet Clinic. We took over from them. Necessary treatment were given to the peacock. We then informed Forest Department and took the peacock to our house for fostering and further treatment. We consulted Doctors from Vandalur Zoo and Sathya Managaalam Reserve Forest Vet Clinic and gave medicines according to their instructions. The peacock recovered and started walking. We used to let the peacock walk in sunlight for an hour. The peacock was doing well by two weeks. But then suddenly it fell ill and couldn't stand on its own. We took the peacock to Mela Kalkandar Kottai Vet Clinic for treatment. Dr Senthil Kumar attended and did some treatment. The peacock died. He did post morteum and told that its lungs were affected and was affected by Jaundice. We informed forest department and buried the peacock. .

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