Dog Rescue Near SriLankan Refugee Camp Case 934


Area : SriLankan Refugee Camp
Period : 10-Aug-18


We were returning with five dogs of Mrs Padmavathy from Orathanadu Vet College. The boys in the photo informed us about this dog with huge swelling in its stomach. We went to the spot and Rescued the dog. We brought the dog to Palakkarai Vet Clinic for Treatment. Necessary first aids were given to the dog. Doctors informed that the swelling was due to cancer. We fostered the dog and kept the dog under observation. We spoke to Arunachala Animal Sanctuary Thiruvannamalai and they agreed to took over the dog for further treatment. We arranged for trasnporting the dog. Before start of journey the dog died. We Buried it with the help of Corporation JCB. .

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