Dog Rescue Near KK Nagar Case 469


Area : KK Nagar
Period : 04-Jan-17


This dog met Road Accident. Animal Activist Padmavathy & Purushothaman informed us about this dog. We went to the spot Rescued the dog and admitted at International Pet Clinic. The dog was given First Aid there. They said they are not in a position to do Amputation Surgery. They suggested us to get the surgery done at Palakkarai Veterinary Poly Clinic. We admitted the dog at Palakkarai Veterinary Poly Clinic. Dr Prasanna did Amputation surgery on 06-Jan-2017. Post surgery we took the dog to our house. Jenifar & Arun did dressing daily for two weeks. Then due to space constraints we admitted the dog at International Pet Clinic. There Purushothaman & Arun assisted daily for dressing the dog. ABC - Animal Birth Control surgery was done to the dog during this period. Once all the wounds are healed and dog became normal the dog was released in it's territory on 09-Feb-2017. Amputation Surgery & first 2 weeks expenses were borne by us. ABC Surgery & last 2 weeks expenses were borne by Purushothaman.

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